Most Monogamous Zodiac Sign

You've likely encountered serial monogamists (or are one yourself). They prefer long-term partnerships and leap from one to the next.


Monogamy affects this sign differently. "Leos are incredibly loyal and would never betray on someone they care about, whether in love, career, or friendship."


Aquarius friends are innovators and experimenters. While these features relate to many facets of their life—including how they behave in the bedroom—they don't applicable to the sign's approach to monogamy.


Passion and possessiveness characterise this sign's partnerships. Scorpios are so focused on their lovers that they don't have time to cheat.

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Black Star


This sign enjoys making a cosy home with a loving companion. "Cancers are controlled by the Moon, which is connected with emotions, intuition, and stability," adds Grayson.


Since they dislike instability, this easygoing earth sign is monogamous. "People adore comfort, and monogamy is the perfect backdrop to having a takeout supper straight from the carton, in your velour pants, in front of the news," adds Honigman.


Non-monogamy is inconceivable to this conventional, serious, and habitual sign. "They're earthy and like to know where their next kiss or hot supper is coming from," adds Honigman.

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