Most Likely to be Single  Zodiacs


Virgo is our most single zodiac sign. Virgos are perfectionists, even though they appear like the perfect match.

Their high standards for oneself and others can turn off potential partners. 


Aquarius—the independent rebel—follows. Aquarians love independence and aren't hesitant to break the rules.

Aquarians are independent but still seek affection. They need someone who respects their individuality and gives them space.


Sagittarius has the third-highest single rate. Sagittarians are too busy exploring the world to settle down.

Sagittarians love adventure and freedom. Commitment-phobic, they may struggle to develop long-term partnerships.


Aries is the fourth most single sign. They are fiercely independent and strong-willed. They always lead.

These traits can be beautiful or threatening. Aries are impetuous and quick to anger, which can put off solid partners.


Gemini is our final most single zodiac sign. Geminis are notoriously ambiguous.

They can't commit since they're flighty and indecisive. Geminis' untrustworthiness may deter potential partners.

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