Most Important Quality You Need In A Partner


You require a companion who is self-reliant. A spouse who has their own life and does not expect you to fulfil all of their needs.

A companion who will not lose control of their emotions and lash out at you during fights.



You need a passionate companion. You want their deeds to match their words, as simply "I love you" is insufficient. 

You don't mind doing nice things for your lover so long as they appreciate your efforts.



You require a mate with affection. Who takes your hand and tells you every day that they love you. 


You require a partner who is accountable. Who will assist you with duties and provide guidance? (when you ask for it).


You require a spouse who is observant. A spouse who will recognise your tiny mood shifts and anticipate your specific needs


You need a trustworthy companion. Someone keeps their word when they make a promise and would never be unfaithful.


You require a companion with ambition. Somebody has lofty aspirations and strives daily to achieve them. 


Who encourages you to pursue your aspirations instead than being resentful and bitter when you devote time to activities outside of the relationship.


You need a trustworthy companion. A spouse that means what they say and keeps every commitment they make to you. 


You require a companion who is reliable. Somebody provides you the same amount of respect and attention regardless of their disposition. 

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