Most Competitive Zodiac Signs


Aquariuses care too much to compete. Aquarius prefer cooperation over competition and have a profound understanding.

They would finish last in a zodiac sign contest and not care. Their empathy makes them the least competitive zodiac sign.


Cancers cannot compete. They like to help rather than harm. The Cancer would rather cheer on others and hand out water than compete.

Cancers are gentle and self-protective. They'd rather not compete than lose since they can't stand losing.


Virgos are overly modest. Even compliments are hard for this sign.

They prefer to be in the background than take the spotlight. Their modesty makes them one of the least competitive zodiac signs.


Pisces folks are very sensitive. They are emotional and dramatic. Pisces are the most dramatic.

Pisces are sensitive and competitive. They're envious, therefore they'll fight for a lover's attention.


Libras are competitive in a bad way. Their competitiveness can become obsessive.

Libras are restless, greedy, and confrontational. They're equipped to defeat any opponent.

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