March 2023 Zodiac Sign Tarot Reading

This isn't the nicest tarot card, but it reveals your current life outlook. March will rejuvenate you. You cannot continue in guilt, fear, or pressure.



March's lesson is moderation, so this card may be entertaining. Aquarius, you renegade. You tend to ignore people and flout regulations.


Pisces—you're determined. Your birthday in March will focus you on your goals. You work for love. The solution is clear.

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March seems to be helping you get to the point—you're miserable at work. You toil.


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March hits hard with the reality that you're no longer a child. Though clear, you are still so tied to childhood that it's hard for you to act like an adult occasionally.


March will satisfy your desire of home and security. You may rest and enjoy the peace now.


You must decide immediately. This is private. You need major change. You've watched yourself develop into someone you don't like and aren't experiencing the "self-love" you've forced.


Don't worry—this tarot card seldom indicates a person's death. Your life is starting to change. Though traumatic, it is essential and beneficial.

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