Love and Dating According to your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers don't follow compatibility rules. Every couple can work with enough effort. A pairing's difficulty can connect.


Aries compete in dating. Friendly competition, when everyone wins. Like Simba and Nala in "The Lion King," Aries wants to play with their dates. 


Tauruses want a relationship to feel like a warm bath—a lovely experience that can't be recreated and that they don't want to leave.


Feel supported without a Gemini. Geminis text, call, and write to their crushes. Geminis love to talk—a lot. They'll prioritise communication.


Cancers take time to win over. Cancers love slowly yet deeply. After weeks of continuous and steady work, Cancer will learn to trust you. Be ready to prove yourself to a Cancer.


While dating a Leo, don't shine. You must shine. Leos need more attention when dating. They want their spouse to feel confident enough to shine.


Virgos love intellectual stimulation (though astrologers joke that Virgos, with their perfectionist bent, are also considered to be the best sign in the boudoir). 


Libras believe in balance and collaboration. If they don't generate conflict, they'll respect your personality peculiarities.


Scorpio-chasing should be an Olympic sport. You'll get thrills, payoffs, and surprises. Scorpios are the pickiest and most committed daters.


Why bother? Sagittarius dates with this philosophy. Sagittarius seeks a mate to explore life's wonderful and unexpected corners.


Capricorns will calm down, so don't worry. Worry about making the cut. Capricorn seeks a lifelong partner.


Accept a first date with an Aquarius' buddies. Aquarians want to know if their companion will complement their team.


Pisces will move on if the "ideal person" doesn't seem right. Vibes trump traits and checkmarks. Pisces dates intuitively.

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