Lemon with coffee for weight loss?

Advocates claim that the two together might aid in fat loss. Others even claim that it is nutrient-rich and effective against such diverse ailments as diarrhea and headaches.

 The concept behind it was alluringly straightforward: adding a touch of lemon to your morning coffee would aid fat burning and set you on the path to losing weight.

TikTok users have shared videos of themselves partaking in the fad, and some of them have been fairly frank about not enjoying the unusual taste combination.

After giving it the old college try, some people responded "hell no," including one TikTok user who claimed she gained weight after drinking lemon in her coffee daily for a week.

One TikTok user, however, claims to have lost eight pounds in only two weeks by adding a squeeze of lemon to their morning coffee. Is that the case, then?

There seems to be no clear origin or reason for this trend in social media. Whoever started this viral challenge probably had the purported benefits of lemon slices in water in mind.

We wanted to see whether there is any truth to the claim that drinking lemon water might aid in weight loss, so we contacted Samantha Cassetty.

Adding some lemon to your water can make it more enjoyable and will help you drink more of it. Moreover, drinking water before to a meal might increase feelings of fullness.

 A calorie deficit necessary for weight reduction may be created if you reduced your food intake. .


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