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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler's Past Predates Hollywood Fame

Filming movies and TV series has made many celebs buddies. Celebrities brought them together. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler met before their Hollywood fame.

They met while Aniston dated Sandler's unnamed pal. They became buddies in a deli. Aniston discussed their closeness on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, according to Nicki Swift. "We must've been true family in another life."

Hustle's actress said, "Her friendship was inevitable. I didn't realize I'd be making movies with her. We weren't aware because we were young and unemployed."

Aniston knew they had excellent friendship chemistry. "I'm like him—a he's mensch and takes you in. Family. It's instinctive."

Even on their first film or TV set, some performers can create deep connections. Before Just Go With It, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were friends.


Sandler discussed Aniston's improvisational skills in an Access Hollywood interview. "Jennifer's wit and speed amazed me. 

I know she's humorous, but it was astounding how much fun we had together and how she defeated me in scenarios. I'd return to the trailer saying, "I need writers.""

The Along Came Polly actress said she enjoyed working with Sandler on Just Go With It. "Loved it. Fun... A nice tennis match."

Murder Mystery was also filmed by them. Fox News interviewed Aniston about working with Uncut Gems. 

"It's like riding a bike because we have a very distinct conversation and a sense of humor that's sometimes within, sometimes outside. Falling within is always lovely."

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