How to Get V Lines in 8 Easy Steps

"They are only noticeable when you have a very low body fat percentage, which can either mean 11% or lower for males, and 14% or lower for women."

A lot of people think lowering body fat is incredibly hard, but as long as you focus on healthy diet while maintaining in a calorie deficit and participate in a decent workout schedule, you will see results.”

Maintain consistency

Gaining V lines doesn't mean investing 110% into your intensity of workouts, but rather 110% into your commitment for a lifestyle change, and the amount of effort and motivation you put into your regime

Find your motivation

Gaining V lines can be tough, but you do not need to be partaking in high intensity exercise every day or lifting particularly heavy weights.

Don't try your hardest every day.


Consuming protein-rich, complex-carbohydrate-rich meals more often can help you stay in a macronutrient and calorie deficit.

Eat well, not less.

Working your muscles continually will increase blood flow to your muscles, making your V line muscles more prominent.

Reps up!

Eat chicken, turkey, salmon, eggs, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and non-starchy veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach.


Freeletics Dione improves aerobic fitness and weight loss. Just willpower. It involves three rounds of 75 jumping jacks, 50 leg levers, 25 burpees, and 50 sit-ups with a harsh focus on abs.

Do this exercise.

If you do that, you must recognize that not everyone can reveal their V-lines. “Genetics might make it hard or easy to get visual V lines.”

Accept yourself.

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