How to build leg muscle without joint pain, according to a personal trainer

Try eccentric exercise for more gains without pain

Marshall recommends eccentric training to safely build muscle and strength. Eccentric activities maintain muscles under tension, making them develop bigger and stronger, according to research. On leg day, employ a rack pull deadlift or dumbbell Romanian deadlift to slowly reduce the weight to the start position.

Use exercise machines to build up strength and muscle

Exercise machines are criticized because they isolate muscles rather than stabilizing the body like free weights like barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. Marshall said the fitness industry thinks using machines is unprofessional.

She stated workout machines are good for beginners and anyone with pain or joint concerns since they require less movement and allow you to discover a comfortable range of motion. Eccentric hamstring curls and quad extensions on machines increase muscle.


Stick to moderate weights to prioritize good form 

Finally, adopting a demanding but manageable weight helps prevent damage. Marshall advises starting light and building up, and not to worry if you're not weary.

"People think being too sore to move two days later is a sign of accomplishment, but it shows you over-damaged the muscles," she said. "I prefer mild stimulus that connects that muscle group."

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