His Zodiac Sign Reveals If He Misses You

Every woman who's dated a male understands how hard it is to get a guy to explain how he feels, especially when they're too bashful to reveal their deepest sentiments. It's hard to know if he misses you.

if Aries men miss you

Aries is competitive and will feel uneasy if his win is threatened. Jealous Aries men miss you. He'll complain if he believes you're chatting to another guy.

Taurus Man Misses You

Taurus is loyal, yet he's adamant about admitting he misses you. This makes reading Taurus men challenging. He dislikes feeling uneasy, so he'll try to ignore it, but it doesn't go away.

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Geminis' conflicting emotions make them hard to interpret. He's sincere about missing you one day and ignoring your texts the next. He's not lying about any of these feelings—he just can't determine which one is stronger.

Gemini Men Miss You

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If a Cancer man misses you

Cancer is emotional, so when he misses you, he'll express it. He's more attached to you than he says. Cancer men can't say they miss you, so they show it.

When a Leo Man Mises You

Leo partners want constant care. Leo men hint at wanting attention when they miss you. Though subtle, it's easy to notice.

When a Virgo misses you

Virgo men are timid but comfortable around you. He's self-critical, so he'll hesitate to tell you how much he misses you.

Libra men miss you

Libra hates being alone, so he probably misses you more than you do. Libra men are honest and fair, which is fantastic. If he misses you, he'll tell you. No subtweets.

When a Scorpio misses you

Passion defines Scorpio. He communicates best with impassioned gestures. Scorpios are secretive, so if they miss you, they won't say it. He'll show you his love by being unable to hide it.

If a Sagittarius man misses you

Clingy partners force Sagittarius into committed relationships. Showing a Sagittarius guy you miss him is easy.

When a Capricorn misses you

Capricorn is serious about everything and self-controlled, so he can keep his feelings in check. Capricorn men are obstinate, so they'll wait for you to confess.

If an Aquarius man misses you

Aquarius avoids emotional expression, making it hard for him to realise he misses you. Aquariuses are dispassionate. They're also oddest.

When a Pisces man misses you

Pisces is romantic.  This is fantastic since a Pisces guy will likely tell you he misses you, maybe more than once. Pisces will never keep you up at night worrying about his sentiments.

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