High-Protein Lunch to Aid with Weight Loss

Fried Oven-Free Egg Whites

 Spinach, white onion, and tomato are just a few of the fresh vegetables packed into this, along with the protein-rich egg whites.

Creamy Chicken Salad

 These amino acids are used by your body to shape muscle tissue, which becomes more important as you age.

Whole30 Beef Burrito Bowls

These beef burrito bowls are a delicious and convenient way to satisfy your protein needs while adhering to the Whole30 diet.

Salad with shrimp, spinach

 This dish proves that spinach, which often gets a poor image for being tasteless, is everything but dull and bland.

Ahi Tuna with a Ginger

The protein content of ahi tuna is over the roof. And, of course, it tastes great! The addition of shiitake mushrooms, young bok choy.

Shrimp & Mango Roll

 The mango, red bell pepper, and cilantro in it make for a very light and refreshing meal.

Fried Eggs with Broccoli

The nicest aspect is that it comes premeasured in a cup. This is now your new standard for a quick and easy dinner on the run.

Crusty Cornmeal Catfish

If you're looking for a protein-packed alternative, catfish is a great choice. Catfish, as stated by WebMD, is highly regarded for its high protein content.

Tuna and vegetable grilled

Chicken of the Sea claims that tuna has almost 100% protein. You can't go wrong with this nutritious tuna vegetable melt for a midday meal.

Delicious Curry Egg Salad

You'll want to make a batch of this curried egg salad every week for lunch. This is not just any egg salad recipe. 


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