High-Fiber food  for weight loss

Kale & Quinoa Salad

 The fibrous kale is broken down by massaging it, and the crunch and saltiness are added by the addition of toasted almonds, feta, and cucumber.

Subway's Green Goddess Roll

 The combination of capers and lemon juice in the dressing gives it an intense flavor. 

Wrapped in a Chickpea Salad

Lemon adds brightness to this vegan chickpea salad sandwich, which is also surprisingly tasty. It has the same classic tuna salad sandwich flavors.

Bowls of Roasted Vegetables

Bringing a healthy lunch of roasted vegetables and brown rice to the office will make your coworkers green with envy.

Wraps filled with spicy roasted

The spicy Buffalo flavor you love is added to crunchy roasted chickpeas in this vegetarian take on a Buffalo chicken wrap.

Lemon-Tahini Dressed

Grease bombs are possible when eating deep-fried falafel. These pan-seared falafel require only a few tablespoons of oil to achieve the same crispiness.

Wrapped Rainbow Veggies

These kid-friendly wraps, filled with veggies, cheese, and hummus, are rolled up like sushi and served in bite-size pieces. 

Arugula, artichoke, and pistachio farro salad

The preparation of this dish is streamlined by the use of precooked farro. Plus, you can prepare and serve it in the same bowl.

Taco Bowls with Chipotle Lime 

Chipotle-Lime Cauliflower Tacos features a bold, smoky marinade that elevates roasted cauliflower. 


Dashed Trail

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