Healthy Salad? 7 Ways You Might Ruin It

Protein Forgetting

A salad lunch requires more than veggies. “I have a motto: ‘No wimpy salads,'” says New York City-based registered dietitian Samantha Cassetty, RD, coauthor of Sugar Shock.

Drowning in Dressing

Salads should be light but filling. Dressing might ruin your calorie budget, but don't skip it. Undressed salads are sad and dull.

Packaged Dressings

Prepackaged salad dressings can save time, but be sure they don't include saturated fat, excessive salt, or artificial additions.


Croutons Madness

A half-ounce of croutons has 10 grams of carbs and 99 milligrams of salt, according to the USDA. If you think your salad is incomplete without croutons.

Bored Bowls

Having the ingredients to produce something reliable is good. “That's planning, and it's super-convenient,” Cassetty says. Yet daily salads can grow tiresome. Mixing is healthier too. 

Light greens

Iceberg lettuce isn't the nutritious wasteland you've heard. USDA data shows it provides vitamins and minerals and little calories. It lacks the nutrients of spinach and kale. 

Neglecting Your Plants

To avoid transferring germs to your meals, wash your hands and tidy your kitchen. Science News reported in April 2022 that 25% of participants contaminated their salad with raw chicken.

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