Healthiest Snacking Tips to Follow Every Day

Understand your munching.

Eat your midday meal. Is munching a reflex or a nice diversion from an unpleasant task? "Next time, before grabbing that food, pause and ask whether you truly need it or if you're bored or nervous.

Honor your hunger cues.

Knowing when to nibble is tricky. Snack just when you're hungry. You don't need a granola bar and coffee at 10 a.m. just because you're accustomed to it.

Schedule your snack time.

By scheduling, you won't lose track of time and find yourself ravenously hungry, which may lead to terrible decisions.



Prioritize protein and fiber.

Protein and fibre make you feel full and content, so you won't need another snack and won't overeat at your next meal.

Try adding a fruit or vegetable to every snack.

 Instead of chips, scoop guacamole, hummus, and other dips with cucumber slices or red bell peppers. Try celery and carrot sticks with peanut butter instead of pretzels.

Snack quietly.

Conscious snacking is just eating more mindfully. Avoid multitasking. Instead, taste the food (you can apply this strategy at regular meals too).

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Slow down and give grazing a go.

Don't 'inhale' your meal in one huge gulp, since your brain takes up to 20 minutes to realise that you're putting food into the body.

Fresh plates for snacks.

Eating one portion of a snack on a plate. Why? Clear plate signifies happiness and fullness, unlike an empty 100-calorie box.

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