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Health Myths people still Believe

Swim at least an hour after eating to avoid cramps.

A century-old urban tale. It was thought that a cramp in the water was caused by the stomach needing a lot of oxygenated blood for digesting. Swimming after eating seldom causes cramps.

Organic food doesn’t contain pesticides

The most careful growers cannot guarantee pesticide-free vegetables. Wind and water may infect organic vegetables with pesticides. Additionally, organic pesticides are considerably more hazardous than synthetic ones.

Arthritis is a disease that only affects the elderly

Two-thirds of arthritis sufferers under 65. Over 100 arthritis types impact all ages. Juvenile arthritis, one of the most frequent disorders in children, affects three in 1,000.

Sugar causes hyperactivity in children

No research links sugar intake to hyperactivity. Sugar isn't harmless for kids. Sugary beverages have been linked to childhood obesity in many studies.

Being cold gives you a cold

Behavior, not cold, causes winter sniffles. In winter, we spend more time inside, where air is recycled and we are more likely to be around ill people, spreading cold viruses. However, prolonged exposure to subzero temperatures may cause frostbite.

Your hair and nails keep growing when you die

Hair and nails develop after death. Dry skin and scalp provide this effect. Death stops hair and nail growth.

Eggs are bad for your health

Eggs are believed to raise cholesterol. Researchers say eating up to 12 eggs a week is healthy. They found that consuming so many eggs did not raise cholesterol, blood sugar, or blood pressure.

Sitting too close to the TV damages your eyes

Many parents worry that a youngster watching TV too near would harm their eyesight. However, the American Academy of Ophthalmology states that watching TV may induce eyestrain but not harm.


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