Hate Your 100-Mile Time? Rerun It!

Unhappy with your 100-miler PB? Recent evidence shows that repeating a 100-mile race may improve finishing times.

10,949 runners in the six events began several times or did not finish, however the latter was not counted.

This dataset analyzes race results based on finishing times without handicaps for a difficult route or weather circumstances, enabling the research to objectively compare timings across years.

Several 100-milers improve results, according to statistics. Forty-six percent of runners who ran the same race twice improved, and this proportion rises with each repetition. 

 If you're feeling adventurous, practically all runners who ran the same event more than 10 times improved.

The research notes that other variables may have a role, such as runners who want to better in a race returning to it. Those who race 10 or more times may be motivated to improve.

54.47 percent of female runners who reran a 100-mile race improved their performance. Men are 54.37 percent. The report recommends retrying your first 100-miler. 

60% of DNF runners completed a race. 2,510 racers returned to a race they didn't complete and got a medal. The survey also discovered that 1,507 racers failed to complete their selected 100-miler.

DNF runners who finished their second race improved the highest. The original winners improved little in subsequent races. After a tough 100-miler, the research suggests we may have ran harder and faster.


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