Gym Etiquette You Should Follow

Don't leave gear around. Not your bedroom. Nobody likes to touch a sweaty dumbbell. Tidy up!

While you're planning tonight, someone is sweating to be productive. After weights, talk. Texting while exercising decreased balance and stability by 45%.

Avoid checking your smartwatch during dark workouts.

Laziness, particularly because the weights couldn't be more organized. Insert the 15-pounder.

It's great that you like loud hip-hop while working out, but not everyone needs to know your playlist.

No makeup needed. Breathe, skin! Not a runway. Any effort will instantly ruin your glam.

Don't loiter over an unfinished set. It's a gym. Until someone finishes using the item you want, do something else. It's easy.

Don't claim a bench and leave. Bench. Not. Yours. Start saving on a gym item by checking Amazon's price.

Don't hit on headphones. Headphones are the ultimate don't-eff-with-me sign. Let a woman sweat and jam in peace.

No gazing. Fitness center, not cinema. If you're too preoccupied watching others, you're not working out.


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