Full Snow Moon's Astrological Effects

The Dakota have called February's full moon a Snow Moon and a Raccoon Moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac. . Staying inside and curious about the Full Snow Moon's astrological effects? We've got that covered too—plus a detailed synopsis of the rest of the planets' activities this month.

The second full moon of 2023 will rise at 1:28 p.m. EST on Sunday, February 5. The Glamour crew in New York City will see additional important astronomical bodies after the sun sets at 5:18 p.m.

Space.com offers a guide to seeing the Full Snow Moon using a telescope. Jupiter, Mars, and Venus may be seen if you schedule your viewing session well.

As previously said, the full moon has a lot of creative possibilities. Always release during full moons. I naturally encounter this lunar phase. On full moons, I typically discover I've booked something important or see my past efforts flourish.

On the other hand, occasionally I discover something I wish I hadn't or see a simmering situation boil over. Full moons illuminate and disclose hidden truths regardless of sign.

These cycles have several perspectives. . In this full moon, you can see if everything began around the new moon is progressing. (The last Aquarius new moon was January.


Depending on the week, any of these days might be noteworthy for you. Like eclipses, not all new and full moons are significant. (And thank heavens for that—can you imagine if every month brought a life-changing fact or event?)

Why are we discussing Aquarius if today is a Leo full moon? Before discussing Leo, let's briefly discuss February. Because the sun sits in Aquarius for more than half of February, the shortest month is known as Aquarius month.

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