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Foods That Are Secretly Hurting Your Brain


UCLA researchers discovered that rats fed a fructose solution had a tougher difficulty traversing a labyrinth, indicating slower learning and memory loss, compared to rats given omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to enhance the brain.

Diet soda

Stroke published a 2017 research on food and dementia in over 4,300 people. Over 10 years, people who consumed the most artificially sweetened (not sugar-sweetened) drinks were most likely to develop dementia.

Baked goods

Neurology monitored 1,628 60-year-olds without dementia for 10 years in 2019. In 377 dementia patients, increased serum elaidic acid—an unsaturated trans fatty acid—was linked to all-cause dementia.

Red meat and butter

Researchers discovered that 6,000 women who ate the highest saturated fat had worse brain function and memory scores after four years of study.

Chips, pizza, and other junk food

Junk food rots babies' brains? A 2011 British research of over 4,000 toddlers indicated that three-year-olds who ate mostly junk food (processed and fast food) had a modest IQ reduction five years later compared to those who ate better diets.


Does blowing that bubble improve or decrease brainpower? Mixed research. Chewing gum during a memorizing exercise reduced short-term memory.

Low-carb diet

Carbs are essential to your body, including brain function. Avoid diets that ban them and go for whole grain pastas, breads, brown rice, and quinoa.


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