Foods that are incompatible with the keto diet

Root vegetables

On the keto diet, not all vegetables are nutritious.  Root veggies are strong in fiber and carbohydrates, contradicting keto. However, carrots, onions, and beets may be eaten in tiny amounts.


Healthy diets include beans, lentils, sugar snap peas, and peas. Vegans can get protein from beans.


Bananas help with muscle recovery, bloat, and upset stomachs, but the keto diet doesn't allow them.


Nuts are abundant in natural fats and proteins, thus the keto diet recommends them. Some nuts are too carbohydrate-rich for ketogenesis. Cashews, chestnuts, and pistachios are too rich in carbohydrates for keto.


Starchy veggies like potatoes contain too many carbohydrates for the keto diet. The keto diet prohibits potatoes. Avoid maize, yams, and sweet potatoes.


Keto diets exclude grapes. Grapes are mostly carbs and rich in sugar, thus even a little bunch may impede or halt ketogenesis.

Energy bars

Some protein bars are keto-friendly, but energy bars vary. Energy bars are manufactured and include vegetable oil, artificial sweeteners, and additives that might disrupt ketosis.


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