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Every Zodiac Sign has Unique Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos are a fun way to decorate your body with significant symbols, names you could regret, or charming animals. Try a zodiac tattoo if you're undecided.


Aries is the first zodiac sign, symbolised as a V with curled points. Isabella Almaleh, a Texas tattoo artist, depicted the fire sign as a ram.


Taurus is a versatile sign. The sign's emblem is a circle with a wavy top. The constellation or bull, which New York City artist Marissa Monroe depicted below, are other options. She whimsically drew the bull's head.


Despite their social media reputation, Gemini tattoos are too lovely to pass up. The air sign is symbolised by twins and a column with curled ends.

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Cancer's crab symbolism is obvious. Its emblem looks like six and nine side by side. Sophie C'est La Vie's Cancer-inspired tattoo in New York City included blue tones and the crab. 

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The lion symbolises the fire sign. Leo's symbol is a circle with a side-jutting curving line that hooks at the end. Isabella's lioness symbolised fire.


Libra's symbol is an upside-down horseshoe on a line. This air sign symbolises equilibrium with scales instead of an animal.


The wheat goddess Virgo is a virgin. Its sign is a cursive M with a right-side loop. Ceci tattooed both. Her goddess had flowers in her hair, white irises and pupils, and the Virgo symbol on her forehead.


A scorpion best represents the misunderstood Scorpio. Its emblem is a cursive M with a little arrow. Scorpios love the poisonous arachnid to represent their water sign.


Saint Thomas suggests arrow tattoos because Sagittarius's emblem is a slanted arrow with a perpendicular line towards its tail.


The mythical sea goat symbolises Capricorn, an earth sign. The sign is a looped lowercase N. La Vie sketched a sea goat on her client's shoulder, but it's only the bones.


Aquarius concludes air signs. Its sign, two short parallel zig-zag lines, can be tattooed. Water bearers, healers who water the soil, embody it.


Pisces concludes the water signs. Its symbol is two crossed Cs with a line across the centre. Brooklyn tattoo artist Liv Northy's tattoo depicts two fish swimming in opposing directions, resembling the yin and yang symbol.

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