Easy Starbucks Hacks For The Best Experience

Replace Milk

Today, 2% milk comes with lattes. Not always. Before 2007, baristas used full milk unless you stated differently. The major transition limited milk choices. You have several options now.

Sweeten More

The sweetness comes from the flavoring, if any, and if that isn't to your preference, you can always add additional flavour with a few more pumps.

Request Agave Syrup

In 2013, Starbucks added a variety of toppings to their breakfast oatmeal, making it even better. An agave syrup packet is included.


Cold Foam Flavors

In 2018, Starbucks introduced cold foam as a topping for iced drinks and as a default on the Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew and its nitro version. 

Request a Larger Cup

Your coffee order amount may cause a regular Starbucks problem. Baristas frequently overfill drinks, which might spill in the car. 

Weather-dependent ice requests

Iced drinks are refreshing on hot days, but they melt fast in the correct conditions. To fix this, adjust your drink's ice to the weather.

Ice Your Americano.

Starbucks has really hot water. If you've ordered an Americano or hot tea, you may have needed a sleeve or extra cup to protect your hand. 

Dashed Trail

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