Does bottled water spoil?

Chemicals leak into bottled water over time.

Bottles corrode over time, releasing trace chemicals into the water, which causes it to go bad.

Food chemist Bryan Quoc Le, author of "150 Food Science Questions Answered," says these substances may make your water taste like medication, chlorine, or ozone.

Rarely, harmful bacteria can infect bottled water.

Sometimes bacteria cause expired water's stale flavor. Accidents can happen despite bottled water businesses' strict sanitation measures.


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If you drink the bottle straight away, the germs won't have time to multiply. They'll multiply in a warm, stable environment if you keep a bottle in sunlight for a long time.

What to do with expired water bottles

You may question how to reuse expired bottled water if you're thrifty or ecologically aware.

You may be tempted to offer expired water to your plants or pets, but the same toxins that might harm you could also harm them. They need clean water too.

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