Do This Every Night to Lose Weight

Sleeping on a full stomach may disrupt our hunger and fullness hormones. Elizabeth Ward, MS, RDN, says inadequate sleep can make you hungrier. 

Poor sleep might also make you crave sugary or highly refined carbohydrate-laden energy items that add calories to your day.

“Though calories ingested close to night don't inherently inhibit weight loss, it's easy to overeat while eating after supper, especially when these items are high in fat and calories.”

Snacking every night can leave you too full for breakfast. Ward believes that this cycle of eating too few calories during the day and too many at night can prevent weight loss.

Ward recommends a handful of roasted edamame, Greek yogurt, or pistachios for a snack. “Eat dinner early if you can.”


Consistently go to bed and wake up. Even weekends. This helps your body find its rhythm. Sleep 7–9 hours per night.

Schedule sleep.

Sleep is often considered "makeup." Human bodies can't be accessed like bank accounts. We must relax regularly.


Disconnect! Messages, TV, games, and amusing cat videos will be there tomorrow. Set a bedtime reminder on your phone or on your TV.

Minimize distractions

To-do lists overwhelming? Delegate. Ask your kids or partner to wash dishes. Share a critical deadline with a coworker. Hence, you can avoid late-night work.

Beg for help

Expect interruptions and long nights. Don't become frustrated—stress can make it harder to fall asleep. Accept the interruption and try again the next night.

Accept the unexpected

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