Burger Toppings

This smokey bacon jam goes on biscuits, peanut butter and jelly, and burgers. For a fast snack with crackers, I freeze little quantities

Whiskey-Bacon Jam

Pickled Onions

This pickled red onion dish should always be in the fridge. These last weeks if I put them on everything.

I invented falafel burgers initially. This tasty burger is topped with crispy onion rings and zesty lemon sauce.

Lemon Sauce Onion Rings

Gruyere Egg

Our football-watching buddies loved these burgers. The burger topping may be made using regular mayo instead of garlic aioli.


Cowboy Candy

Cowboy candy—candied jalapenos—are perfect for spicy cuisine lovers! The syrup may be used to baste roasted poultry,

Buttery Whiskey-Glazed Pearl Onions

Pearl onions are fantastic in stews and pickled. I prepare this Thanksgiving meal. Reheat it.

A church buddy gave me her grandmother's apple coleslaw recipe. The fruit freshens up coleslaw, and the tastes go nicely together.

Apple Slaw

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