Deceptive “Healthy” Snacks That Are Actually Sugar and Calorie Bombs

Fruit Bars

This is basically the grown-up, wholesome alternative of Fruit Gully, right? If you're looking for an alternative to the artificial, dye-filled fruit snacks you ate as a kid, go for 100% fruit bars instead.

Bottled Smoothies

Bottled smoothies from the grocery store or neighborhood bodega, no matter what color they are, very much never give the balance and nutrients of a homemade mix.

Granola Bars

To begin with, most of the foods we call "granola bars" don't really include granola, yet nonetheless contain more calories than a complete meal.

Vegan or Paleo Cookies

Paleo cookies may be low in sugar and refined carbs, they may include too much saturated fat from eggs or butter.

Pita Chips

When eaten alongside a high-fiber, protein-rich dish like hummus, whole-wheat pita chips aren't so awful, according to English. But what about the white ones? Because they have no fiber, they will not help you feel full.

Store-Bought Trail Mix

A typical trail mix of peanuts, raisins, almonds, and M&Ms still has a shocking amount of sugar and is more akin to sweets than a healthy option.

Salted or Flavored Nuts

The sugar content of sweetly seasoned nuts (hello, honey-roasted peanuts) may be shockingly high, while savory tastes are often high in salt.

Chocolate- or Yogurt-Covered Nuts

Even if your almonds are covered in Greek yogurt or dark chocolate, they still likely contain added sugar, despite the fact that candy-coated nuts appear like they would be healthy


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