Dating a married man has 7 disadvantages

A married man in your group may have intimated that he wants you as his side chick, but even if he has promised you heaven and earth, you are still unsure if you should date him.

Dating a married man is difficult since society frowns on it. You'll be called a "home wrecker" and a "husband snatcher," especially by other women, and you'll get dirty stares on the street.

Society Will Punish You

Dating a married man requires lots of deception. It, along with outward judgement and knowing you're wrong, will weigh on your conscience.

Is Guilt Acceptable?

Married men are not good partners. It's about appreciating the fleeting moments and not becoming attached.

Insecure Relationship

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Being in a covert relationship, especially with a married guy, is tiring and guilt-ridden.

Secret dating is tiring

Mistresses usually lose in marital relationships. We've all heard of women confronting the mistress after discovering their husband's affair, which invariably ends badly.

It Usually Fails

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