Creatine Health Benefits

Creatine is a common ingredient in sports nutrition supplements1, and for good reason; it boosts strength and size, among other things.

Creatine Benefits

Creatine supplements boost athletes' performance because they enhance the amount of muscular energy available during intense activity. 

Boosts Physical Performance

Type 2 diabetics may benefit from creatine supplements. Creatine supplements may increase insulin sensitivity and cell glucose absorption, lowering blood sugar after meals and over time.

Aids Type 2 Diabetes

The body manufactures half of your daily creatine. Red meat and fish provide the rest. Vegetarians may require creatine supplementation.

High-Quality Creatine

Muscle and strength gains

Creatine helps athletes gain muscle mass by boosting cellular energy during anaerobic activities like strength training.

Creatine Overdose?

Healthy persons may safely take 25g of creatine for 14 days. Creatine may be safe long-term. Creatine overdose is unknown.

Creatine Supplement Use

Creatine comes as capsules and powder. Protein powders and sports nutrition supplements include it. Creatine needs plenty of water. After an exercise, it boosts athletic performance.

Brain health benefit

Creatine's cognitive effects are varied. One research indicated that U.S. people 60 or older who ate 0.95g of creatine per day had higher cognitive function on a symbol-number matching test.

Heart health

Reduced cardiac blood flow may benefit from creatine supplementation. One research found creatine enhanced cardiac function, energy, and arrhythmias.


Creatine supplements are typically begun with a 20g loading dosage for seven days, followed by a 2.25-10g maintenance dose for 16 weeks.


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