Cold Foods 

for Hot Weather Days

Macaroni Coleslaw

This coleslaw was brought by my friend Peggy to one of our picnics, and it was a huge hit.

Mint-Cucumber Tomato Sandwiches

For my family's afternoon tea, I made a twist on the traditional cucumber sandwich.

A fresh and tasty meal that usually disappears first at potlucks when I bring it.

Tropical Layered Chicken Salad

Subway Cobb Salad

When we're in a need for time but still want to eat together, we make Cobb salad sandwiches.

Vegetable Antipasto with Marinara Sauce

This salad is a bright spot on the holiday table thanks to the vibrant veggies and tangy dressing.

Chicken salad is the perfect way to cool yourself when the temperature outside is sky high.

Chicken Salad, Chilled and Crunchy

Sandwiches with a spicy Asian twist

We like ham on these sandwiches, but any leftover cooked pork will do.


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