Coffee for Weight Reduction and Type 2 Diabetes?

How can caffeine lower fat mass and type 2 diabetes risk?

The study discovered a link between higher caffeine intake and decreased fat mass and type 2 diabetes risk. They simply found a relationship between coffee and type 2 diabetes.

80 Twenty Nutrition owner Christy Brissette, R.D., agrees. She claims caffeine suppresses appetite, burns fat, and boosts metabolism.

Coffee is linked to weight loss. One 2020 Harvard study indicated that having four cups of coffee reduced body fat by 4%.

Over 24 weeks, 126 overweight persons drank four cups of coffee or a coffee-like placebo drink everyday. Coffee drinkers lost more. This year, a meta-analysis of four trials indicated that coffee may boost metabolism.

The Little Book of Game-Changers author Jessica Cording, R.D., calls caffeine a stimulant. Caffeine increases calorie burn.

Scientists warn that drinking more coffee won't help you lose weight or prevent type 2 diabetes. “There are a lot of potential characteristics we're not researching that may be harder to quantify.”

Should you drink more coffee?


She claims coffee is linked to other things. The study suggests that drinking a cup or two of coffee daily may be beneficial. Yet, drinking coffee is not necessary for health.

Many studies have demonstrated a high relationship between intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and overweight and obesity

She warns that too much caffeine—more than 400 milligrams a day—can produce anxiety, jitters, and insomnia.

If you're worried about weight and type 2 diabetes, Brissette suggests frequent exercise and a balanced diet. “From what we know, drinking more coffee or tea will not make you smaller, leaner, or prevent type 2 diabetes

“Eating lots of veggies and fiber and exercising regularly are supported.” Cording agrees. She thinks caffeine alone may not prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes risk.

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