Build full-body strength and boost your metabolism with this 16-minute workout

Stef Williams' full-body workout

Despite being brief, the exercise is nonetheless very impressive. This workout is perfect for lunch breaks or early mornings if you're trying to exercise for happiness since you'll leave it with a good attitude and tired muscles.

Williams' bodyweight exercise regimen is effective as a warm-down following a strength workout, particularly one that emphasizes the legs. For optimum improvements, combine it with this 35-minute glute-focused workout.

You might add ankle weights to this exercise to make it more difficult while also strengthening your lower body. There are numerous methods to alter this habit and lessen its effects.

Do the plank walkout without the mountain climbers as a starting point; all you need to do is walk your arms out into a plank and then return to standing. In order to strengthen your lower body without having to jump, you can also perform lunges and squats.


You'll probably experience delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) the day following your workout as a result of the minor tears in your muscle fibers that were brought about by your training. It may be beneficial to massage the region using a foam roller.

A post-workout smoothie loaded with protein is another way to aid with recuperation. Your body uses the protein to strengthen, develop, and heal the injured muscles.

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