Breakfast Food Swap Ideas To Stay Full and Lose Weight

Opt for whole grains instead of refined white grains

Whole grain bread will give the body a boost of fiber, which can make your toast last longer. Whole grain bread is usually digested more slowly than white bread, so it makes for a more filling meal.

Use Greek yogurt and fruit as toppings

Eating breakfast foods high in protein and fiber like yogurt and fruit may help curb appetite until lunchtime.

Make oatmeal pancakes

Pancakes with maple syrup, like waffles, are nothing but sugar-loaded carbohydrates. Try oatmeal pancakes if you want the taste of pancakes without sacrificing your health.


Ditch the regular muffins for eggs

For those who are often on the move, muffins are a convenient and portable breakfast option. Replacing the refined flour and sugar that make up a typical muffin with a healthier one.

Try an alternative creamer for your coffee

Avoid coffee creamer and replace it with collagen, since "most coffee creamers are little more than added sugar and saturated fat.

Use fruit or nuts as an oatmeal topping

Instead of using sugar, Relying on the natural sweetness of berries to sweeten your oats. "The fiber in the berries may assist improve fullness, and the added benefit of antioxidants is a nice bonus


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