Bravest Zodiac Sign

Some people are good at trying new things and being themselves. These brave folks always help others. But why? . Find out the bravest zodiac sign from cautious to fearless.

Capricorns are duty-bound and driven to finish their to-do list. Nuit Astrology creator Jill Loftis calls them strong. They can handle circumstances others avoid.



Libras are shy and people-pleasers, so they may not look courageous. When they find themselves, air signs get braver.


Leos, controlled by the sun, shine in any scenario. They show their actual self and don't care what others think. Lion-hearted Leo adores springing into the limelight and can extend heroic efforts owing to their readiness to risk or gamble," Loftis explains.



Scorpios are sneaky, yet they'll defend themselves or loved ones rapidly. These earth signs, ruled by Mars and Pluto, are strong and know their boundaries, according to Loftis.

Sagittarius, the zodiac's explorers, seek new adventures. Like skydiving or shark-swimming, their courage is self-centered. Fire signs are wise and never turn down an opportunity. Sagittarius embraces risk.



Mars rules Aries, making them the fiercest sign. Being the zodiac's first sign, they naturally lead. These folks can use bravery in many ways to survive. "Aries will never second guess their innate inclination to make actions in their own best benefit," Marquardt explains.

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