Best Flavored 

 Popcorn Recipes

Nacho Popcorn

When watching television, my husband and I like munching on this.

Chewy Caramel-Coated Popcorn

The dish was a staple in my childhood home. Unlike her crisp, nut-filled version, mine is more chewy and gooey. 

Popcorn is an essential part of any good movie night in. Buttery and impressive, try a full tub of this combination.

Crunchy Ranch

Homemade Popcorn

Despite its reputation as a greasy movie theater treat, popcorn prepared at home may be a nutritious and tasty treat.

Striped Chocolate Popcorn

Last year, I wanted to do something new for a bake sale. After seeing chocolate-covered popcorn at a confectionery store

This fiesta-worthy snack popcorn is seasoned with a spicy Southwest blend.

Cajun Popcorn

Vegan Popcorn Seasoning

Everyone will be begging for more of this vegan popcorn flavoring. 


Dashed Trail

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