Boozy Popsicles: 9 Drinks

Gin-and-tonic popsicles

Gin and tonic popsicles may be more summery than a can of readymade gin and tonic. Gordon's Gin and POPS, a UK popsicle manufacturer, have created a frozen drink.

Cosmopolitan popsicles

SlimChillers makes Cosmopolitan-flavored boozy popsicles. "Cranberry, Orange and a pinch of Lime" make an alcohol-infused Cosmo-like popsicle.

Appletini popsicles

SlimChillers offers Appletini and Cosmo popsicles. The business describes the popsicle as "Like biting into a Granny Smith Apple." Costco sells them.

Bellini Popsicle

POPS makes a Peach & Prosecco Bellini Popsicle and a gin and tonic popsicle. The "world's first Prosecco Ice Popsicle" includes half a glass of prosecco. No glass stemware needed at the pool.

Margarita Pops

Snobar's Margarita Pops, which include tequila and triple sec, are allowed in the pool. Thus, poolside margaritas are simpler.


Rosé Popsicles

Did you expect to finish this list without Rosé Popsicles? No way. Fruta Pop and Rosé Season created the poolside brunch popsicle in 2017.

Moscow Mule Popsicle

Washing all your copper mugs? No problem. Moscow Mule Popsicles from Fruta Pop are equally as amazing. No cleanup either.

Mango Mimosa

Fruta Pop's Mango Mimosa Popsicle is summer breakfast frozen in a tube. This mango-citrus popsicle is infused with Prosecco and has 5% ABV.

Prosecco Popsicle

Buzz Pop Cocktails makes Peach Prosecco-inspired frozen desserts. “Everyone loves a bit of bubbly, especially when combined with fresh sweet succulent peaches,” the popsicle description says. 

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