Blueberries Are The Best Anti-Inflammatory Berry For Weight Loss

Berry love is abundant. They're delicious alone or in recipes. Antioxidants in blueberries reduce inflammation, among other health advantages.

Blueberries' antioxidants are vital to our health. Best says they prevent, decrease, and reverse free radical damage in the body. "If this damage is allowed to occur and persist, it can lead to poor health in a wide variety of ways," she says. "These ways are both internally and externally as this damage causes an increase in aging in both our appearance and internal health."

Blueberries provide antioxidants and fiber, according to Galvin. "Antioxidants are nutritional components that help scavenge free radicals," she says. "Free radicals can cause DNA damage, age the skin, and promote inflammation—all of which become more important to manage as we age." Blueberries' fiber and prebiotics feed beneficial gut microbes.

"Berries are some of the lowest sugar fruits you can consume, so they can provide a bit of sweetness to the diet without spiking blood glucose levels like some other higher sugar fruits do," Galvin adds. She says antioxidants "shown to be protective" for brain, cardiovascular, aging, and inflammation.


"[Blueberries'] specific antioxidants are flavonoids, plant compounds that give these berries protection and when consumed, give us similar cellular protection," Richards says. These nutritious, low-calorie berries are adaptable.

This makes them perfect for smoothies, desserts, yogurt or ice cream toppings, or eaten alone." Blueberries "reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and overall risk of chronic disease," says Richards.

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