Best Exercises for Women to Gain Muscle Without Equipment


If you want bigger glutes, quads, and hamstrings, you need to do squats. As a woman, you may make the most of your feminine contours .


One of the best no-equipment ways to work your upper body is with pushups. They are great for strengthening and toning your upper body

Front Lunges

. When combined with squats, they serve to guarantee that all the muscle fibers in your lower body are stimulated to grow.

Glute Bridges

The gluteus maximus is the key to sculpting a defined and attractive posterior, and glute bridges are the most effective exercise.

Side Lunges

When performed correctly, side lunges may help you achieve a more attractive profile from the front by targeting the outside hip and thigh. 

Mountain Climbers

 The duration under strain might act as a hypertrophy stimulus for the abdominal muscles if the exercise is done slowly and under control. 

Side Plank Bridges

The side plank bridge is the last move in this series of exercises for women to gain muscle. I think side plank bridges are the best core.


Dashed Trail

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