Avoid Believing These Anti-Aging Myths

Aging begins with wrinkles.

Many 20-year-olds complain about dark circles, sunken skin beneath the eyes, and wrinkles around the lips." To conclude: Anti-aging begins at any age. 

Genes control ageing.

Our skin ages due to inherent and external causes." "Intrinsic ageing is inherited, and some individuals are "super agers.

Chemical peels damage skin.

Chemical' and 'peel' may make you squirm, but don't dismiss the therapy. "Some of the earlier, severe chemical peels might permanently damage the skin

Use sunscreen only when it's sunny.

You may be tempted to forego sunscreen if your weather app predicts overcast skies or you're staying inside. You're continually exposed to sunlight's stresses, so don't compromise on SPF. 



Expensive items work better

Instead of assessing a product on price, check the ingredients and manufacturer. "Skincare pricing often reflects marketing and branding more than quality.

Nighttime anti-aging routines are very significant.

Danné Montague-King, botanical chemist and inventor of DMK Skincare, disagrees with the idea that beauty sleep means using all your anti-aging products at night.

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Retinol must be used daily to work.

 If regular retinol dosages still cause discomfort, it's advisable to progressively increase your use. You know what your skin needs.

The more water you drink the better

There's no evidence that consuming less than eight glasses of water is detrimental." It's fantastic that you want to drink plenty of water, but overhydration is dangerous

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