Astrologists' Favorite Zodiac Sign

We all know extra-nice folks. They always help others, make small chat with everyone, and have a glass-half-full outlook. 

These people may have more than just a charitable attitude. Their horoscope signs may match. Astrologers reveal the zodiac's kindest signs, from sweet to generous.


Virgos are helpful, friendly, and even-tempered. Astrologer Anna Kovach thinks they're polite and helpful. "They help and advise quickly." They're also crucial.

Call for a pleasant night out or a positive chat after a hard day. . "They are warm and generous, yet distant, independent, and honest to a fault." Their bluntness may offend. 



Astrologer and spiritual counsellor Tara Bennet believes Libras are generally appreciated. "They have saintly patience and will willingly spend hours conversing with elderly relatives," she says. 



Cancer, governed by the moon, is caring, emotional, and empathetic. "Cancerians adore family and home, and there's always a space.


That buddy who lets you be yourself without judgement? Aquarius is likely. "This sign embraces people for who they are, enjoys getting to know them and what makes them tick," adds Bennet.


Pisces two female pals conversing and smiling on the couch.They're great shoulders to weep on and can comfort a buddy in minutes (trust us: they know exactly what to say).

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