Astrologers say this zodiac sign is the biggest showoff

Being a showoff isn't the worst personality fault, but it may be an aggravating one. The showoff in your buddy group will be the first to tell you they won the fifth-grade spelling bee, got an impossible dinner reservation, or bought the house of their dreams—with cash.

Showing off extends beyond being happy of your successes (so feel free to celebrate that hard-earned promotion or new apartment lease) (so feel free to celebrate that hard-earned promotion or new apartment lease).


Tauruses don't brag, but they strive hard to be seen. Hellenistic astrologer Courtney Trethric thinks they'll reveal their sacrifices to prove their dominance.

Virgo, the zodiac's perfectionist, can act conceitedly. They'll be the first to leap into a confident conversation, to demonstrate their expertise and brag about their knowledge," adds Trethric.




Sagittarians are pleasant, extroverted, and lucky. These great traits are based on their governing planet of expansive Jupiter, but they may also flip for the worst under certain circumstances.

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Aries thrives. "Like the fabled Ram, the emblem of this sign, they seldom stop at whatever they set their mind to, especially when it involves a position of power," adds Berry.


Leo, a funny stand-up comedian, sings and talks into a microphone. Last practise before theatrical debut and performance.

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