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Astrologers' Most Deceptive Zodiac Sign

Lying is bad, but there are many nuances. The spectrum ranges from harmless little fibs to malicious untruths. Deception—misleading someone—is closer to the latter. 

This could involve dragging out a relationship you want to end. It could also be lying on your resume. Whatever the case, it's never fun to be on the receiving end.

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Author and astrologer Lisa Barretta describes Capricorns as "cagey," so it's likely they'll deceive you through omission rather than outright lies.



Leos deceive. They do it to boost their egos, yet they don't mind hurting others. Leos are notorious for gossip and backstabbing if it makes them famous.


Aquarians follow their hearts. The zodiac's oddballs don't care about social norms and enjoy shocking others with their opinions and behaviour.



Scales want peace. Barretta says they'll lie to calm you down. "They flatter you superficially and lie about their true feelings.


Because they're fun-loving social butterflies, Geminis can easily deceive others. Barretta says they "have no problem repeating what you told them in confidence" and are the biggest gossips.


Scorpio young couple sitting on couch apart, female sad and man on phone.Is Scorpio's dominance surprising? "They are mysterious and can lie about everything, anyplace, anytime," adds Newman.

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