Astrologers' Most Conceited Zodiac Sign

Astrologers' Most Conceited Zodiac SignIt's okay to brag. Yet, cockiness crosses the line. Arrogant people—those who always think they're better—are easy to spot. Self-centered and vain, they'll do everything to showcase their superiority.


Cancer appears gentle. While caring for others, they focus on themselves. They want you to repay their attention and don't like rejection.

Tauruses are arrogant. They care for themselves and what works for them, not what others think.



Capricorns repeat goal-setting and success. They put themselves first and want to leave a legacy. Marquardt tells Best Living they're poised for long-term success.


Aries—the first sign of the zodiac—thinks being first is better. Their enthusiasm and fire personalities might help them lead and be their best, yet they can't stop thinking about themselves.



Scorpios adore attention despite their shyness.Schmidt claims they're vain and think they're better than others. These people are egotistical because they're stubborn and think they're the greatest at everything.

Pisces is the most pretentious zodiac sign, which is surprising considering their sensitivity and loving nature.


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