Astrologers' Classiest Zodiac Sign

Classy doesn't require wealth. . They'll have the table arranged, nice jazz playing, and a smart attire on when you enter their house. They'll also act gracefully, quickly introducing you to other guests and impressing you with their "it" factor.

A black-dressed woman smiling with her arms crossed in a clothes store entryway. Scorpio is sophisticated and alluring. . Pluto rules Scorpio, which might add to their allure.



Compassionate Cancer is more refined than Scorpio. . "They remain calm under stressful situations. They'll always make you feel understood if you ask for guidance on a sensitive topic. Their home-cooked meals and friendly get-togethers help too.

Another calm sign. Astrologer and tarot reader Charette Vachon describes caps as mature, elegant, and self-assured. "They never act recklessly or drink in public. 



Vacationing couple enjoying fun, shopping, touring, and smiling. Happiness. "If it looks attractive and is excellent quality, Taurus will want it on them," says specialist astrologer Ian Altosaar. "Why? Because these objects define them."



A neutral-dressed pair having soup, bread, and cheese. Libra is elegant. Kovach believes this symbol is charming, diplomatic, and elegant.

Most experts we contacted called Virgo the classiest sign. Kovach says Virgos are sensible, detail-oriented, and polite. "They're well-spoken and poised, so they're polished and intelligent in their dealings.


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