Astrologer-Recommended Zodiac Gifts

We use our horoscopes for job advise, relationship counsel, and sex advice, so why not use zodiac presents for gifts? Unless your loved ones tell you what they want, present buying may be stressful.

Mars rules Aries, which explains their daring and competitive character. Aries are “the entrepreneurs of the zodiac,” according to Miller. “Beautiful, work-appropriate clothing or home office accessories” will make an Aries pleased, she says.



Mercury rules Gemini. “Geminis enjoy pen and paper,” adds Miller. “They'd like an excellent fountain pen or customised stationery.” Geminis are avid readers and international travellers. 

Cancers love home. Miller believes the moon controls Cancer and the home. “They cook and would enjoy a new pan or Blue Apron gift card.” Cancers are family-oriented and would like a personalised picture book or DNA testing kit.



Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Picture Calendar $35 Miller laughs, "The centre of the universe" rules Leo. “They want to dress up.” Favorites? Champagne, designer clothes, or beauty items.


“Virgos' minds are continually working—they'd adore a book of crossword puzzles,” adds Miller. Mercury rules communication. Virgos love the earthy and natural.



“Libra loves soft beauty—she'd enjoy a silky shirt or pillowcase,” adds Susan. “Libras appreciate attractive things like jewellery or art. As many Libras are artists, Miller advises Spotify or Apple Music for subscriptions.

Miller says Scorpios enjoy La Perla lingerie. “The Scorpio lady wears a lot of black and leather—she'd enjoy a high-quality leather bag or stunning jacket.” Scorpios are quite individualistic and would love a Scorpio necklace.


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