Astrologer-Recommended Hairstyles for Zodiac Signs

Aries: Lobbed

Aries are busy, according to astrologer and tarot card reader Matthias Dettmann. Therefore, a style that performs the job for you is essential.

Taurus: Longwaves

Listen if you're considering hair growth. Taurus loves sensuality, so long, gorgeous waves will feel perfect, adds Dettmann. Astrologer and Intuitive Souls creator Alex Getts says long hair makes you more attractive.

Gemini: Layered Bob

Geminis change with the wind. Getts suggests charming bobs and asymmetrical cuts for your lively, layered style. She says these cuts' adaptability suits your lively character .

Cancer: Topknot

Cancers want easy, low-maintenance lives, so rock the top knot. Getts tells Bustle that this design suits Cancer's homebody instincts. “It makes you feel safe.”

Leo : Voluminous Curls

“Leos love to make a big entrance,” explains Dettmann, so always wear the most eye-catching clothing and have the largest, most voluminous hair.

Virgo: Pixie

Getts suggests a low-maintenance pixie cut for earth signs to show their practicality. It will make you seem put-together every day without requiring any hair care.


Pisces: Romantic Waves

Dettmann advises flowing hairstyles for Pisces. Water is your sign. Getts advises loose waves because the ripples show your dreamy, intuitive character and the softness shows your love.

Libra: Braids

Getts says braids show this air sign's appreciation of beauty. Dettmann suggests a loose, tousled braid, twists, fishtail pigtails, or box braids to display your Libra pride.

Scorpio : Blunt Cut & Bangs

Scorpio, a dark and secretive sign, prefers forceful haircuts like sheering off your ends or fearlessly cutting your bangs straight through.

Sagittarius : Mullet

You're a daring fire sign, so attempt the trendy mullet. Bristol says the sign wants a Miley-style mullet. Sagittarius, a genuine rocker, would love it.

Capricorn: Slim Bob

Dettmann thinks earth signs prefer clean, uncomplicated hairstyles like bobs. Professionalism will appeal to you.

Aquarius: Funky Updo

Dettmann says Aquarius is peculiar. As an air sign, you're open to new experiences and don't mind sticking out. He believes Aquarius has had every hairdo from bangs to perms.

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