Aquarius Rising Sign: Personality & Love Life

Dear Water-Bearer, it's time to take the spotlight. Aquarius rising signs lead with a strong feeling of self.

Rising Sign?

Astrologers consider the rising sign the most essential part of a natal chart. First, it's ultra-specific. The ascendant requires a specific birth time, however most of a chart can be calculated from a birthdate.

Aquarius Rising Personalities

Aquarius risings exhibit the sign's planet, element, modality, and symbol. Aquarius, known as the Water-Bearer, is actually an air sign.

Aquarius Rising Initial Impression

Aquarius ascendants are polarising. “Aquarius risings can easily trigger others,” Mesa says. Aquarians have strong, often contradictory energy, so first impressions vary.

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Aquarius Rising Socially

Aquarius risings are gregarious, though uncomfortable, like other air signs. They enjoy talking to other people since they symbolise networking and humanity

Aquarius Rising Compatible Places

Aquarius moons and Venus are best for Aquarius rising compatibility. The ascendant will automatically harmonise them. As seventh house mates, Leo placements and Aquarius risings are bound to meet.

Aquarius Risings Flirt How?

Aquarius risings quickly feel icky from too much love. They choose friendship above quick clinginess. Witt says they sometimes can't tell friends from crushes.

Aquarius Careers

Aquarius risings thrive in social justice, philanthropy, law, or science and technology. Scorpios excel in psychology and detective work due to their 10th career house.

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