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Anytime, Anywhere No-Bake Desserts

Rich, luscious, no-bake chocolate cake! When you need chocolate but don't want to heat the home, try this quick recipe. It's so easy, kids can help!

Choco Cake

Our no-bake cheesecake is luscious! This tasty 4-ingredient dish is easy. It's excellent for a quick yet tasty dessert. It's also versatile.

4-ingredient Cheesecake

Our delicious, fragrant no-bake banana bread is ideal for using up overripe bananas. It also satisfies your sweet appetite without heating up the stove. Try it—you'll like it!

Banana Bread

No-bake cinnamon rolls! Buttery cinnamon and creamy frosting fill these delicate, fluffy buns. It's a decadent dessert without the oven!

Cinnamon Rolls

Our no-bake tapioca pudding is creamy and heavenly! This classic dessert is simple and suitable for any occasion. It also helps utilize up pantry tapioca. 

Tapioca pudding


Our no-bake apple crisp has soft apples, crunchy oat topping, and toasty cinnamon taste. It's excellent for a delicious treat without heating up the house. 

Apple Crisp

Enjoy our decadent brownies! Birthdays to lazy weekends, these thick, fudgy delights are excellent. They're so easy to prepare, you'll want to make them weekly!


Taste Mexico with our delicious flan! Smooth, velvety, and delectable, this traditional dessert is a favorite. It's ideal for entertaining or pampering yourself.


Ooey-gooey lava cake will melt your heart! This luscious dessert is excellent for indulging. The soft cake and warm, chocolaty center make a swoon-worthy dessert.

Lava Cake

Try our French crème brulee! A crunchy caramelized sugar crust tops this creamy custard dish. It's classy and excellent for impressing guests.

Creme Brulee

Enjoy our zesty lemon curd! This silky, tangy spread enhances baked foods. It's delicious as a filler, topper, or spoonful!

Lemon Curd

Our sugar biscuits are delicious! Holidays or daily, these buttery, soft cookies are excellent. They're easy to decorate and flavor.

Sugar Cookies

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