America’s most 

 popular beers

The double-X-named green-bottled Mexican beer ranks tenth. The "Most Fascinating Guy in the World.

Dos Equis

Bud Light

The cobalt blue packaging has been a hallmark of Bud Light since its introduction in 1982. 

Stella Artois

The Belgian pilsner got its name from the Star of Bethlehem, often known as the Christmas Star.


Blue Moon

The Sandlot Brewery in Denver, Colorado, first introduced this Belgian-style beer in 1995 under the name Bellyslide Wit.


Miller, a pilsner-style beer, is the company's original brand and is also well recognized under the name Miller High Life.

In 1876, St. Louis, Missouri, saw the introduction of a pale lager. From its inception, Budweiser, owned by Anheuser-Busch.


The makers of Corona say the beer's sales haven't been affected by the fact that its name sounds like the coronavirus.


Dashed Trail

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