Apple Cobbler

Apple cobbler is a simpler version of a 19th-century American pioneer pie.

A rich, luscious blueberry filling is sandwiched between two flaky, golden pastry layers in this American classic. 

Blueberry Pie

Peach cobbler, a deep-dish fruit pie with a fragrant peach filling and a thick biscuit dough topping, is a summer classic. 

Peach Cobbler


Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon custard and meringue top shortcrust pastry in this baked delicacy. 

Sweet Potato Pie

North Carolina loves sweet potato pie, a southern American dessert. The open pie is filled with milk, eggs, sugar, and mashed sweet potatoes.

Cream Pie

Famous American sweets include creamy cream pies. Simple and refreshing, they have a crispy bottom crust, a rich, creamy center

Apple Pie

Apple pie epitomizes American delicacies. Apple pies are cooked until the double crust is golden brown.

Dashed Trail

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